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Studio Beju


The introvert in me never wants to be in front of a camera. Most all my photos on my phone are of plants, or landscapes with rarely a person in it. I tend to focus on the shapes, color and textures of things. But as this virus is keeping us at home and I miss the interaction of people, I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone to bring some calming vibes to hopefully help uplift or engage people even momentarily from the constant bombardment of coronavirus news. So I’ve learned to edit videos, and made some for the practitioners as well as myself. It’s not much in the scheme of things, but sharing my love of Tai Chi and making some music with Singing Bowls, or sharing artwork or cooking, gardening or a photo of something you love, is a way to finding some calm and centering at this time. If you are interested in either the Singing Bowl video, or the Tai Chi video or some of the ones I took for Nic Pitts the fitness instructor then look us up on Studio Beju FB page or Instagram. Stay well, Thanks!