Studio Beju 

For your General Wellbeing: Movement, Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Art & Dance & much more!  

Join our Heart News Community Monday nights at 6:45pm to experience fun, connection, friendship and empowerment.

March Mondays:

  • 3/2--Gemstones and Essential Oil Infused Jewelry with Jewelry designer Danielle Wickes.

  • 3/9--Healer’s Touch Introduction with Meredith Westerside

  • 3/16--Green Clean with Christine Tapert and friends!

  • 3/23--Emergency Preparedness Oils--Alison Hawkins helps us Prep

  • 3/30--Pets Class with Christine Tapert--Essential Oil Pet Expert
  • 4/6---Immune Support for Your Family--Doris Brown and friends

Want more targeted, individual support? Visit to schedule an appointment or email [email protected] This spring, we can make our homes more inviting, more peaceful and make space in our lives to focus on the relationships, experiences and people we love. In the Trenches with You,Dawn and Christine