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Sensitive Souls can be easily overwhelmed by too much going on, chaos, other people’s energy, loud noises, and florescent lights. Since the holidays can be all these things, you have a choice in deciding how to handle this holiday season.

Take time out of your busy schedule to reflect on what you want to create and experience this holiday season. We’ll discuss radical ideas for self-care and boundary setting over the holidays. Spend time with like-minded souls as we brainstorm for each other how to create a peaceful and saner holiday experience.

What participants are saying about Katharine’s Sensitive Soul classes: "I loved the experience! You created a space for me to explore my sensitive soul in a safe, non-judgmental space! Thank you!"  Scroll down to book.

Gokhale Posture Method - Foundations Course Nov 2,3,4th 

November, specifically, is the month to give thanks for all the good things in our lives. As I reflect on what I'm grateful for, my friends, family, and good health, I'm particularly grateful for having learned the Gokhale Method. It has been a life changer for me in that I rarely have back pain these days. This says a lot as I've had significant back pain all of my life since I was a teenager. At its worst, it was debilitating and I would often have to modify my life in very limiting ways. I remember often feeling depressed. Of all the therapies I had tried, nothing got to the core root of the problem like the Gokhale Method did. Why? In my experience, it was because by addressing my body's foundation, my posture, everything else, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs and other soft tissue structures are able to interact properly.  The Gokhale Method is a systematic process of restoring pain free posture and movement using everyday activities like sitting, lying down, standing, bending and walking. As a massage therapist, I'm able to work with my clients much more functionally and sustainably without creating wear and tear on my body. This translates to all areas of my life, not just in my work. Come and learn how the Gokhale Method can help you reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. That's priceless!  The following are links to my next free workshop and course offerings at Studio Beju. 

Kerri Robinson, LMT Certified Gokhale  Method Teacher [email protected] (425) 344-1603 or click here to book

Learn How to Use Videos to Promote Your Business Before, During and After an Event 

Do you run events, participate in events or attend events for business? If so, did you know you can use videos to dramatically increase visibility for your business and attract more of your ideal clients? Gayle Picken has been creating, organizing and promoting events for almost 20 years (whoah!) In this presentation, she will share how she used low-budget video to more than double the attendance at her annual art show, create a buzz of excitement for the NW Mind Body Spirit Connection expo, and attract thousands of tourists to the small town of Stanwood for an annual glass ball treasure hunt. You'll come away with tips and tricks for creating compelling videos and how to leverage them on social media to maximize your reach. Thursday, November 15th, 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm at Studio Beju.  Class Registration is $35  BONUS - Get Your Video Commercial Filmed and Produced by Gayle!  Want Gayle to create a custom 30-second video commercial featuring you and your business? Sign up for a 30-minute one-on-one sessions at Studio Beju after class on the 15th! (3 slots available) Gayle will shoot your video and take it home to edit, add background music, your logo and captions. Special Promotion - Only $99!  Sign up Today at