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Studio Beju is delighted to welcome new to exhibiting her art, Judi Byrne. Featured Artist for January & February

Artist Bio-
Judi Byrne

People have asked me when I became an artist. I tell them that I was born one. As far back as I can remember I have loved to draw. As soon as I could hold a crayon. My mother didn’t keep enough art paper in the house, so I would use paper towels to draw on, and each sheet would be a sequence to a story that I made up in my head. Always about people. At many recesses in grade school, I would sit on the playground steps and draw. When the bell rang, I would look up and see many faces looking down at me and wanting my drawings. I remember someone coming up to me at a high school reunion, telling me that she still had a drawing of mine. People were my favorite subjects. As I grew older, I wanted to explore more artistic avenues, so I took classes in pastels, watercolors, oils, life drawings, a master class, and decorative painting.

I became a volunteer at my children’s elementary school classes, and as soon as the teachers found out I was an artist, they utilized my talents. My son’s 5th grade teacher asked me to teach her class to draw. I found a couple of useful books. Drawing with Children and Drawing on the Right side of the brain. I used the curriculum in the books and taught a class. His teacher told me that I should be an Art Instructor and suggested that I call the School District and tell them that I would like to teach in the Enrichment Education Classes as a Drawing Instructor. I did that, and they were delighted. They furnished me a room, flyers, and told e that they would pay me $25/hr., which sounded good at the time. I tried it and enjoyed teaching. We had an art show at the end of each session, the students seemed to enjoy the classes. I did that for four years. It was around 1990.

I became involved with Duvall Foundation for the arts, during the fund raiser for The Barn. Early 2000. I met Dianne Brudnicki, a well known Art Instructor at Legacy Homeschool Coop in Redmond. We both shared a love of teaching art to children. She offered me a chance to mentor with her for one year, in order to learn what she did in her classes, and the curriculum that she used. She loaned me her home studio in order to teach it to students. I learned a lot more about art and teaching children through Dianne. She also became a friend, and I will always feel indebted to her. It began a new journey in my life. After the one year period, I enrolled as an Art Instructor at Legacy Homeschool Co-op, and taught there for 13 years. As a result, I was also asked to teach at Labyrinth Home-school Co-op, The Sammamish Chinese School, and Northwest Art Center in Duvall. At one time, I had 80 students and a waiting list. I have over the years taught hundreds of children from grade school age to adult. I have had the privilege of sharing my love and passion and joy of art with others. I have been teaching for over 20 years now, and still going.

My inspiration comes from my deep faith In God. I see God in everything. He is the Master artist. Nothing can compare to the beauty of Creation. I am awestruck every time I drive through our beautiful valley. The colors, reflections, animals, mountains and rivers. The beauty fills my soul. If I can capture any of that feeling in my art than I have blessed others. That is my desire, that my art is a blessing to others. The process is a blessing to me.

Shop Local! Please drop by the Studio to see her heartfelt work or meet her in person on Saturday January 11th 10-noon. Beverages & Snacks provided.