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Featured Artist  -March & April 2019



Studio Beju is delighted to welcome our March and April Featured Artist! 

Artist Bio-  Originally from Britain, Geraldine had classical training during her high school years in  Calligraphy, Architecture & Objective Drawing. Her interest led to a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design at Newport College of Art and then a Masters Degree in London's Central School of Art & Design. In 1997 she got a job in Monotype where she joined the Drawing office as a Junior Draughtsman and was promoted to Senior Draughtsman within a year training others in the type Drawing office. During this time she was trained by Microsoft for their new font technology True Type. She came out to the States in 1991 to make the Windows 3.1 Core Fonts for Microsoft, Times, Arial and Courier. This led to more work and more fonts in a long career in fonts as a vendor for 9 years, and a full time employee for 12. In 2009 she had a heart attack and had to rethink her life. She chose a different career path and became a licensed Massage Therapist whose focused specialty is Craniosacral Therapy & Reiki. In all the years between she was still an artist at heart, and now has a venue in which to showcase & explore her creative side.

Shop Local! Please drop by the Studio to see Geraldine's beautiful work. 

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