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Energy Flows where Attitude Goes

The current health challenge has us all confused, disillusioned and fearful.

I want to share some things that are helping me stay safe and sane.

I am fortunate to be using 2.5ph water, one of the 7 waters my company's medical device creates, to kill germs, fungus, bacteria, viral pathogens and 100 other organisms within 30 seconds.

Also use it as a hand sanitizer, mouthwash, on cutting boards and on virtually everything I touch.

Beside the commonsense sanitary practices, consider protecting and nurturing your mental and spiritual dimensions.

Meditate, do yoga, garden, keep in touch through technology, dust off that book, take that YouTube dance class, enroll in an online class, watch things that make you laugh, practice gratitude, maintain a positive attitude and outlook and become a better friend to yourself.

Stay hydrated, boost your immune system and get a good night's sleep.

For more tips on avoiding infection, how to boost your immune system and become truly hydrated, feel free to contact me at or 206 321 6113.

Take care, stay safe. Thank you. Ken

Sheltering in Place

As I write this, I am sheltering in place, as I am sure you are too. I am spending lots of quality time with my home and the land we live on, nothing to distract me. Why did I feel so trapped and desolate? As I was watching the robins and juncos in my yard I remembered a story one of my teachers told me. One of her friends was detained in jail in another country while traveling. Let’s just say it was terrifying for her. When she was released, they asked her what she did to get through her confinement and uncertainty. Her practice was to say what she was grateful for about her current situation, location and the humans with her. This simple practice of gratitude helped her to survive an extraordinary circumstance.

If she can do that in prison, then I certainly can do it in my nice comfy home surrounded by my family and nature.

So I began saying all the things right around me that I was grateful for. My heart started to get back online and sooth the fear and desolation.

Now my fear and desolation have a great companion to support them.

I invite you, wherever you are, to speak out loud or write all the things you are grateful for about your circumstance, location, and the people around you as often as possible. See what parts of you could use the companionship of your gratitude and heart. After a while of doing this, I wrote a love letter to my place, my home, and tomorrow I plan to read it out loud in my yard and bury it in my garden bed. I invite you to do this too…

All the best to you and yours. We are all in this together.

Warmly, Natalie Rivera, Certified Professional Coach

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