Studio Beju 

For your General Wellbeing: Movement, Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Art & Dance & much more!  

 Our April 2020 Newsletter is here.
The Theme for this month is 'Staying Home in the time of COVID-19'

This month we have some tips & ideas on how to cope, here's a few examples of the articles:

> Evolve: Staying Healthy with Nic Pitts 

> Featured Artist for April Amanda O'Brien

> 2 bonus coloring pages for kids or moms!

> Settle In & Deep Breaths with LeAnn Smith

> Essential oils with Dawn Behm

> Energy Flows where Attitude Goes with KangenKen

> Learning Something New with Geraldine

> Sheltering in Place with Natalie Rivera

> Understanding the Importance of Laughter with Randee Young

> Plant Seeds, the gardening section on back page.

The Studio fosters Creativity, Movement, Mindfulness & Art and all the retail products you find in the Reception area and Art on the walls are hand made by the practitioners & local entrepreneur/guest artists. The activity room is open for rent for practitioners to showcase their craft or for people that want a space to give a talk about Sustainability, Nutrition, Organic produce, Energy efficiency to name a few. Right now the Studio is closed for at least 4-6 weeks and will reopen when safe to do so & following CDC & State guidelines. 

The April 2020 newsletter will be available online as .pdf. It is full of articles by the individual practitioners, tips and advice and also the class schedules.

We hope you can find something that will help you a little during this time. We are learning how to transfer classes online. Stay Well, Stay Home! We are all in this together.