Studio Beju 

For your General Wellbeing: Movement, Laughter Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Art & Dance & much more!  

 Our July 2019 Newsletter is here.
The Theme for this month is Celebrating Summer.  Articles written by the practitioners this month are about the their new classes and about some new handmade products for bath & body. 

This month we have some beautiful classes & events to share, here's a few examples:

> Forever Fit with Nic Pitts 

> Second Sunday of the Month Storytelling Hour with Natalie Rivera & guest

> Perfume with a Purpose with Erin Nussbaum

> Natural Soap making with Liz Palmer

> 2nd Saturday Zero Waste Supply Swap

>Laughter Yoga Club with Randee

> New Bath & Body product in the little Gift Shop

> Kangen Water Talk with Ken Balser

> Celebrate Summer Garden Party

> Last Friday of the month Ladies Night Social. 

The Studio fosters Creativity, Movement, Mindfulness & Art and all the retail products you find in the Reception area and Art on the walls are hand made by the practitioners & local entrepreneur/guest artists. The activity room is open for rent for practitioners to showcase their craft or for people that want a space to give a talk about Sustainability, Nutrition, Organic produce, Energy efficiency to name a few. 

To know more, pop by the Studio and pick your July 2019 printed newsletter up. It is full of articles by the individual practitioners, tips and advice and also the class schedules.

Find something that you'll fall in love with!