Studio Beju 

For your General Wellbeing: Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Meditation, ZY Qi Gong, Art & Dance & much more!  

Meet the Team

Geraldine Banes, Reiki Master &Teacher, CranioSacral Therapist

Studio Beju, Owner & Instructor

Hello there, I am pleased to be able to showcase some of the team members & artists that will be an integral part of Studio Beju.

For myself, I am a licensed Massage Therapist MA#60185878 specializing in CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki. I teach classes in Reiki levels 1-3 and Anatomy for Reiki Practitioners. I also am a facilitator for Chakradance™ a method designed by Natalie Southgate as a

meditative freeform dance that is focused on a 'fitness within'.

Tatiana Provalova, Administrative Assistant (P/T)
Hello, I am Tatiana Provalova. I will be assisting at the Studio helping out with various administrative duties. I have a family, am a mother to twins, both 3 years old. I am also a Level 2 Qi Gong instructor and will be a substitute for Kate when she is training in China. I visited Studio Beju about one year ago as a customer & liked it. Am happy to be a part of this growing community. I would like to help people, create something, inspire, support and provide joy & beauty.

Ekaterina Bespyatova, ZY Qi Gong instructor, LMP

I am very excited to be joining the team of practitioners at Studio Beju! I have been doing Qigong for 15 years, training with my Chinese teacher in China, US, and Russia, where I'm from. Qigong has changed my life, helped me take control over my own health and wellbeing, find my spiritual path, and now I'm passionate about sharing this ancient knowledge with others.

I'm also a Qigong therapist (a healing modality that derives from Qigong practice) and a licensed Massage Therapist #MA60305891. I live with my husband in Duvall.

For more information about me and what I do, to sign up for a class or a treatment - please visit my website

Martina Crowe Hewett, Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Martina is a tribal fusion bellydancer, founder and creative director of Bellyfringe Bellydance. Her Bellydance journey started in Vancouver, Canada 13 years ago. Through the years she has extensively trained with Suhaila Salimpour, Zoe Jakes, Amy Sigil and Rachel Brice. Completing many intensives and certifications with each teacher. While based in Vancouver, BC Martina was extensively teaching, performing and hosting many events within the community. A pioneer in Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Vancouver. Martina had the special opportunity to move to Germany with her family. There she travelled, trained, taught and performed at many of the Tribal Dance festivals all over Europe for three years. Her journeys have brought her back to the west coast, first to California and now to the Seattle, Washington area. Martina currently resides with her family in Duvall, Washington. Martina is excited to be she teaching weekly at Studio Beju, Tribal Fusion Bellydance classes.

Blessings, Martina

For all the above, contact Martina at and look online:

Maren Van Nostrand, BA, MUP, Educator and Facilitator of Live Musical Performance (Percussion, Piano, Voice), and Host of the show, Soundfalls!

 As a life-long performer with orchestras, choirs and bands, I knew I had found a gem when I walked into Studio Beju, a cozy artistic space that’s also acoustically alive! I had to share this newly renovated historic bank with other musicians, and help others experience its uniqueness. For 29 years I have helped people experience the joys of live acoustic music in such historic settings by teaching piano, percussion (including drums), and voice, and by facilitating shows and concerts. I bring my work to Studio Beju with the goal of helping people discover the creative performer within themselves, for ultimately stronger individuals, friendships and community.

Contact me if you are interested in any of the following:

Sound HealingTM workshops

Soundfalls Shows at Studio Beju or other locations as announced

Private lessons at Studio Beju or home teaching studio - piano and marimba (ages 12 and up)

Accompanying for tryouts, solo/ensemble competitions, other special events

Assistance in locating performance venues and teachers appropriate for you


For all the above, contact Maren at and 425-466-4594, and look online: (


How you listen to the world around you affects your quality of life, and how you engage with what you hear can change you forever. Everyone has a song, everyone has a story, and when it is shared, the individual, the family, and the community grow stronger.

Randee Young, , Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Laughter Yoga was Founded in 1995 by a Medical Doctor from Mumbai, India named Dr. Madan Kataria. Motivated by his research on the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter he started a Laughter club in a local park. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 7000 Laughter Yoga Clubs in over 100 countries.

How does Laughter Yoga work?
Most of the Laughter in a Laughter Yoga session is initiated in a group with full body laughter exercises, clapping, eye contact and youthful playfulness. The "simulated" laughter soon turns into real, spontaneous and contagious laughter that brings much more oxygen to our body and brain, lifting our spirits and carrying over into our work, school and social lives.

Join me on Thursday evenings at 6pm starting August 6, with select Saturdays mornings too. $5 per session.

Come learn to laugh for no reason!

I look forward to bringing laughter, joy and good health to Studio Beju


Jenni Lynne Payne, Certified Hypnotherapist

Born in Nottingham, England, Jenni came to the United States of America in 1981 by way of Monte Carlo, Mon-aco. As a former professional dancer for over 20 years, Jenni began her inquiry into the Healing Arts in Sedona, AZ., and completed the International Reiki Foundation studies to become a Reiki Master. Her interest evolved to become inducted into The Order of St. Luke, an internationally known association dedicated to the healing of body, soul and spirit.

 Her strongest desire was to assist people to rise from their position of dependency; from hopelessness and perceived weakness to one of power and strength – which inevitably lead her to Mary Lee LaBay’s Hypnotherapy and Certification program through Bastyr University, from which she received her certification of Hypnotherapist in the State of Washington, which she has held since 2011.

Now living at Redmond Ridge, Jenni is the mother of three beautiful daughters, two handsome grandsons and a wonderful son-in law who helps her with the newest of technologies without complaint!

She enjoys ballroom dancing, live music, theatre, writing, dream interpretation and serving at her local church. Contact Jenni for a Hypnotherapy appointment at the Studio, Thursday or Fridays Please email her at:

Valerie Stewart, Certified Personal Trainer – NASM. Group Fitness Instructor, Ballet Instructor Certified in the ABT National Curriculum Levels pre-3, BASI Pilates trained, HIGH Fitness Certified, Turbo Kick Certified and Bootcamp Instructor

I am excited to bring classes to Studio Beju – starting with Pilates and HIGH Fitness as well as Personal Training. I started teaching and training almost 9 years ago after recovering from an injury. I have worked with many in the community through Group Fitness Management and Personal Training at a local gym. I am currently learning about women, hormones and the aging body through IDEA Fit as well as expanding my expertise in a Non Profit Management Certificate program at the UW.  I want to marry my love of fitness and passion for helping others to make a positive difference in our community. My goals are to help my clients gain strength, body awareness and self-confidence; reach goals and release whatever’s holding them back.    I am excited to be at Studio Beju and part of the wonderful wellness family in our valley.

Karen Benson, PhD, MS, MN, RN

Karen has combined her lifelong passion for gardening with her background in nursing and chronic disease management to help others towards physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness by connecting with living things around them.  Karen worked as an advanced nurse practitioner, including two years of post-doctoral study, using holistic approaches in stress and pain management.  A Master’s Degree in Biology has helped her in understanding the plant world and a Ph.D. in the physiology of disease in understanding the underlying mechanisms that can lead to illness.  She is excited to bring her skills to Studio Beju, a natural wellness center that promotes well-being and health.

Maureen Ihle, LMP, SAMP

I have always been interested in Natural medicine.  I taught Massage Theory and Practice and Kinesology at the Bellevue Massage School.  #MA00022719

As my journey continued I had exposure to additional life healing training in body mind transformational psychology using Art Therapy, Enneagram and Hypnotherapy and life coaching/mentoring.  The focus of my teaching lies in looking at issues and concerns that many people  experience on a daily basis.  My classes are meant to be fun and engaging as well as opening you up to the gifts in yourself that you may be unaware of.  

 For more information about Maureen and her classes check out:

"The transfomational self healing that can be acquired from art therapy is formidable and can start you on an amazing journey of self exploration and healing." - Maureen