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Featured Artist  - May & June 2018

Ilana Grace


 The Studio is so pleased to introduce this month & next’s for her very first showing at the Studio. Featured Artist Ilana Grace! Here’s her bio:

Ilana Grace is an intuitive artist, working with various media including wood, clay, oil pastel, acrylics, glass and fabric. She discovered her inner artist a little over a decade ago when she embarked on a spiritual journey to know herself more fully. Her spiritual and creative journeys are inextricably linked and the exploration of her wild feminine soul is deeply reflected in her art. Nestled in her century old home in the heart of Duvall, WA with her two teenage boys, Ilana is beginning a new chapter in her life and is newly emerging into the public eye as she releases her original creations. No reproductions are available.


"I created these oil pastel drawings as an embodied way to process and integrate all that has been happening in my life. Through witnessing the images emerge, I understand myself with more compassion. I am the tree, the goddess, the moon, the spiraling wind... the wild feminine. I am sometimes going deep within, alone; other times I am at the heart of community and celebration. I am a  dynamic wild force, like the seasons; ever changing, always whole. Always beautiful. This year I've felt like I am coming completely apart, whilst also feeling like I'm coming together into the most complete version of me yet. My life has altered in every way and my identity is being recreated. This image, created in a moment of great pain and negative self judgement showed me that all of my rough, dense parts make up the outer shell, filtering, sheltering and holding the inner light that is growing. I am rooted in myself. I am growing into freedom."


Shop Local! Please drop by the Studio to see Ilana's journey inspired work. She will be having an Artists reception on May 5th 6-8pm. 

'Journeying Within'