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Our September 2017 Newsletter is here!
The Theme for this month is Returning. Returning to school, to class, to fitness, to yourself. The articles are written by the practitioners and what the essence of Returning means to them. 

Studio Beju is built as a container for possibilities. This month we have a lot of classes starting, re-starting and practitioners returning refreshed from their vacations and travels. This month also features the Sept 9th Duvall Art & Wine Walk and the Artists that will be displaying their work in the Studio and Duvall's Downtown Historic District.

The Studio fosters Creativity and all the retail products you find in the Reception area and Art on the walls are hand made by the practitioners & guest artists. The activity room is open for rent for practitioners to showcase their craft. This month we are hosting Mary Lee LaBay's Hypnotherapy training and also supporting the DPA, Duvall Performing Arts as they transition to their new studio space.

To know more, pop by the Studio and pick your September printed newsletter up. It is full of articles by the individual practitioners, tips and advice and also the class schedules.